I am a human centered designer that strives to create technology that harmonizes with and improves human capabilities and goals. Human centered design uses practical methods to ensure that communication design meets user needs. This process requires me to analyze and foresee how users are likely to use a product. I serve as a user advocate and make design decisions based on needs, wants and limitations of end users.



At the beginning of a project I use a variety of tools and techniques, including user journeys, use-cases, personas, and user-flows. I gather the user research and data from our participants to create these artifacts. 


I enjoy working on a myriad of projects from mobile, immersive environments to responsive web. During the design process, wireframing is my favorite part  I love bringing the product to life.


Nothing is more exciting than putting your designs in front of real users and watching what they do. Creating the test plan is a very thoughtful process, and early testing can help guide the design.