Throughout my career I have always worked in teams and understand the importance of communication and contribution. I have learned valuable skills that have helped me adapt to fast paced changing environments. 

I have strong communication and leadership skills. I have earned leadership roles at my current and past employers. I enjoy the process of design and the challenges it presents.

Growing up I was surrounded by race cars. I spent most my free time in the garage with my dad trying to fix broken cars which lead to my passion for design and making things useable. 

I am very committed and strive for excellence. In my free time I race cars, my team won the 2011 Autoweek America Adventure, a week long rally across the western United States.  In July of 2012 we won Judges Choice in the 24 Hours of LeMONS.  I have also won 3rd place regional co-driver of the year from Rally America.